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Laser Range Finder -- Laserom do prave udaljenosti!!!
When you are target shooting or hunting, One of the most important things to know is distance to your target, now I know people that swear that they can tell distances with just there eyes :roll: :roll::roll: , I am not that skilled or of full of myself so I use a LRF to range my targets. Using one is as easy as looking thru binoculars and pressing a button, there are a lot of different companies that make them and different models to choice from, I am trying to save up for a Leica 1200 right now but my budget LRF choice was the Bushnell Compact 800 which has a range of 930 yards  for steel and 800 on other things like trees rocks and 500 for deer and other game. it has a 8 power sight and only weights 11.5 ounces/326 grams, it uses 4AAA batteries, and can be found here in the US for around 200-220 dollars. One thing I really like about this model is you can use it in the rain with out getting bad reading like other older models. The down fall of this low priced LRF unit is the glass quality, which is sub par but will do fine for just ranging something, but if you plan of using it to glass an area you will see it has a hase, and is dark due to the size of the sight..but it will range items no problem. I used it this past year to range my Deer at 358 yards(adjusted my scope and a few seconds later my hunt was over :wink: :wink::wink: ), if your looking for a starter LRF this is one you may want to look at.
Kada ste u long-range-u (pucanje u metu isl), ili u lovu najbitnija stvar je da znate udaljenost do mete. Znam da postoje ljudi koji se "kunu" da mogu da odrede udaljenost golim okom, ja nisam toliko vest i pun sebe pa iz tog razloga koristim LRF da utvrdim udaljenost. Koriscenje nije nista komplikovanije od gledanja kroz dvogled i pritiskanja jednog dugmenceta. Postoji puno proizvodjaca koji ih proizvode kao i modela koje mozete da birate. Licno stedim za Leica 1200 ali za pocetak sam izabrao Bushnell Compact 800 koji moze da podmeri 900 metara za celicne predmete i 750 metara za obicne predmete kao sto je drvece, kamenje isl. ali moze da podmeri udaljenost do divljaci do 450 metara. Uvelicanje mu je 8x i tezak je 326 grama, koristi 4 AA baterije a ovde u Americi se moze naci po ceni oko 200 dolara.Stvar koja mi se svidja kod ovog modela je ta sto se moze koristiti po kisi koje nece prouzrokovati losa ocitavanja kao sto je to bilo sa nekim ranijim modelima. Losa strana ovog modela su losa sociva ali je dovoljno dobar ako se koristi samo za ocitavanje udaljenosti, takodje ako cete ga koristiti za osmatranje videcete da ima svoje nedostatke pri smanjenoj vidljivosti. U principu, za utvrdjivanje udaljenosti do mete veoma je dobar. Prosle gidine sam ga koristio da utvrdim udaljenost do divljaci koju sam lovio i tom prilikom sam izmerio 358 jardi (podesio sam optiku na karabinu i moj lov se zavrsio Wink WinkWink ). Ako zelite pocetnicki LRF ovo je upravo nesto sto ste trazili.

[Image: bushnellLRF.jpg]

[Image: LRF1.jpg]

[Image: Lrf2.jpg]

P.S. I never said I could take pictures worth a darn so, Dont judge to hard Tongue TongueTongue

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