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  About Registered Document

1)Registered  documents  are registered in the national database and contain all the applicant’s vital information.
2)With the  registered documents , you can apply for renewal when needed.
3)Our registered documents comply with all the legal requirements imposed by authorities. They can be used for border crossings and other cases involving scanning procedures.
4)With all registration issues in mind, production of registered documents takes 3 to 4 working days.

  About Fake Documents

1)Fake documents are not registered in any system. They are issued to a person for camouflage purposes only.
2)Although they do look like government-issued ones, false documents shall not be scanned by data-reading machines as your personal information is not going to show up.
3)You cannot apply for renewal if your ID card or driver’s license hasn’t been registered previously.
In most cases, your false document will be ready in a matter of hours or within a day or two.

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